Celia Peterson Filmmaker | Photographer

336a0261 mg_5926 mg_5916 mg_5914 mg_5911 mg_5905 mg_5901 mg_5896 mg_5891 mg_5882 mg_5876 mg_5862 mg_5848 mg_5845 mg_5844 mg_5828 mg_5825 mg_5814 mg_5813 mg_5811 mg_5808 mg_5806 mg_5805 mg_5800 mg_5793 mg_5787 mg_5778 mg_5772 mg_5767 mg_5763 mg_5761 mg_5757 336a0312 336a0305 336a0300Pics from a Dubai 48 hour film competition with a fabulous group of people I met as we pulled our given genre from the magic hat: Thriller / Suspense. The next 48 hours were spent writing, filming and editing the film… showing this Saturday 10th in Serkal Avenue at The Fridge, you are all invited!

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