Celia Peterson Filmmaker | Photographer

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Gaza one year on: what has changed? Not much: the houses are not even removed, let alone rebuilt. Flimsy caravans have been erected in some parts to house those who lost their homes but they reach 50 degrees when the sun is out and leak when the rain comes… many still live in the remains of their bombed homes as well. Last year straight after the war, not one person begged to me, 11 months later, a lot of people did, which goes to show the situation now on the ground. Most receive ‘aid’ which involves a bag of flour/rice every 3 months which lasts less than a week and are reliant on the good will of individuals, hence the begging. Many I met eat from bins: this also include families who had big houses and farms before the war. If you hear any propaganda telling you that the situation is not that bad, please don’t believe that crap. It’s horrendous.



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